“Your presentation provided a lot of insight into how a person can focus on being successful both professionally and personally. Based upon the feedback of our Fortune 500 client attendees, most came away with a renewed commitment to continue to strive for success by taking one example from your message. Your use of the ‘Boudreaux & Friends’ stories was both entertaining and enlightening—your presentation was a home run with not only our audience but staff as well. We enjoyed working with you from the very first contact all the way through the final delivery of your presentation.”
-- Debbie O’Neal, Syntex Management Systems, Houston, TX

“When the team heard you were coming back, they were excited because they knew you would bring exactly what they needed. Not only did you bring an outstanding balance of humor, motivation, and real-world common sense; but also, you provided our staff with specific ‘how to’s’ in becoming more effective in carrying out their job responsibilities. Your ability and desire to find out what’s important to us and then deliver the needed inspiration is awesome. We are always looking for the ‘edge’ that will help us get better or outperform the completion. I firmly believe that you help remind us what that ‘edge’ is. We look forward to bringing you back to speak to our team in April.”
-- Steve Brinson, President, Royal Honda, Metairie, LA"

“You brought wisdom and humor that allowed everyone to relax. You set the tone that the retreat was going to be fun and informative. The strategies that you spoke about have helped us prioritize our thinking that causes us to be a better person and in turn better employees. We look forward to working with you in the future.”
-- Gary Landry, President, Stric-Lan Companies, Lafayette, LA

“Thank you for the many hours you spent getting ready for our retreat. You respected the confidential nature of the information you received. What might have been a confrontational free-for-all was, instead, an honest discussion of our individual strengths and weaknesses, and how those personal traitis affect our success as a school board. You have a very bright future in the education consulting business. You are knowledgeable, fair-minded, diplomatic, and you do your homework.”
-- Kathryn Meyers, Board President, Durham Public Schools, Durham, NC

“We particularly appreciated your personal knowledge of Rural Development and its mission, and of your understanding of the challenges before us due to changes being made within the agency. You successfully delivered the message we asked you to convey, and did so with that touch of humor that our group needs during this transition.”
-- Clyde C. Holloway, State Director, USDA Rural Development, Alexandria, LA

“When I was seeking a keynote speaker, I wanted someone who not only had an inspirational and motivational message, but one who could add some Louisiana flavor to the program. You surpassed all my expectations with your wit, enthusiasm and down-to-earth, practical measures that all my participants could put into practice. You mixed the right amount of humor—Cajun Style—into your talk to keep the attention of the audience. All the feedback I received from my participants was positive and many told me your talk was the best motivational presentation they had ever been a part of. You were absolutely wonderful and I thank you.”
-- Mike Loyd, President Association of College and University Printers, Baton Rouge, LA

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Journeying On Holy Ground---Christian Strategies to Reach Your Personal, Professional, and Spiritual Destiny


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