-- Cathy Dixon, SVP HR, Colliers International

-- Rick Gentry, CEO - San Diego Housing Commission"

-- K. Kort, VP Human Resources, Peregrine Systems

Two years later and I'm still receiving kudos on the quality and creativity of your program.
-- A. Goodman, SVP Organization Development, Merck Medco

I can truly say you proved invaluable in helping us open the door to major organizational change - far faster than I ever thought possible.
-- Mark Lutcheon, CIO/Partner - PriceWaterhouse LLP

You helped me accomplish a goal in one day - that I had been working on since I began my tenure at this organization. Thank you very, very much.
-- T. Jeanne, Dep. Director - HCFA, US Dep. of Health & Human Svcs.


Gregg Ward

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