-- Leo Muller

“Shannon is someone who understands how to turn marketing strategies into sales results to support your marketing and sales leaders. She helped us finalize our marketing strategy, validated our sales process, provided resources to kick start our sales efforts and validate our results. I highly recommend Shannon if you are starting or fine tuning your marketing and sales initiatives.”
-- Tony Lael"

-- Frank Coker

“I attended some of Shannon's workshops and found her way of making sales and marketing approachable and practical for the small business owner. To this day, nearly a year and a half later, I refer to the notes from conversations that I've had with Shannon and to the workbooks that she provides at her workshops. I am very impressed with her knowledge and ability to clearly weave sales and maketing.”
-- Jeanette Nyden

“Shannon is truly gifted at what she does. Bold, direct, knowledgeable and truly interested in the success of her clients. I attended her all-day seminar and not a single minute was wasted time – I only wanted more. Not to mention that her Columbia Tower Club location includes a fabulous lunch and fantastic view to add to the exciting presentation. Seek her out. You'll be pleasantly rewarded.”
-- Stephanie Cooper

“Shannon’s passionate about integrating sales and marketing, building measurable initiatives, and arming professionals with the tips and tools they need to drive results. She expects the best from herself and her close-knit team, fostering a highly creative and collaborative environment. With an infectious personality, she immerses herself in the client’s business and applies a grounded approach to provide tangible solutions that contribute to the bottom line. Shannon is truly a pioneer within the evolving space of sales and marketing.”
-- Mandy Selmer


Shannon Kavanaugh

Areas of Expertise:

Public Relations
Small Business
Sales - General

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