“After years of half-starts on my own, I called Pamela to help me get my business up and running on QuickBooks. With her comprehensive expertise and great sense of humor, we turned two things I previously dreaded, accounting and data entry, into something I looked forward to. Working with the Pamela not only produces excellent results, it’s also royally good fun. Many thanks, Queen!”
-- Lily, Consultant and Author, Kentfield

“...Her expertise in accounting and QuickBooks has saved us thousands of dollars. In addition, she set up systems to streamline our personnel procedures and job costing information. Her proactive, problem-solving abilities and high standards of professionalism have enabled our company to make the next leap to doubling our profits. We couldn’t have done it without her!”
-- Judy Peck, CEO, Building Care Systems"

"Pamela, Queen of QuickBooks®, originally taught me QuickBooks in a class setting. Then, when I needed specific parts of my business customized, she came to my office, set up the data correctly, and trained me on how to use it. Her style is comfortable and upbeat and you find yourself liking accounting. Once she showed me how my information could work for my business, it was easy."
-- Patrick Burke, Real Estate Investor

“Long live the Queen of QuickBooks! After one class, she set up my company on QuickBooks and trained me onsite with all the specific needs for my particular business. Then, she got my bookkeeper prepared to do those tasks. Thanks so much for everything! I will remain one of your loyal and humble minions.”
-- Brenda Proaps, Figures/ScrImage/Whiz Kids Fitness

“Pamela was referred to us by a friend. She quickly set up the QuickBooks® software and payroll with complicated union dues issues. Then, she was able to painlessly migrate our business to a corporation, providing an easy-to-follow QuickBooks conversion chart of our accounts and sole proprietorship balances. Best of all, she made something fairly complex seem so simple!”
-- Elisa & Joe Tachis, Cal Pacific Electric

“The Queen of QuickBooks doesn’t wear a tiara for nothing! I run a retail jewelry business in San Anselmo, so the last thing I have time for is accounting. She came to my business, set up QuickBooks on my system and trained my daughter/bookkeeper on all phases of the software, including Sales Tax and Payroll –– quickly, effortlessly and efficiently. She also brought all my bookkeeping in house and utilized QuickBooks® for maximizing business marketing and accounting. She is a true Queen of the Accounting Castle.”
-- Shara Randal, Gem Reflections


Pamela Lyons

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