"Jim Bouchard is an instigator, in every good sense of the word. As a speaker, Jim’s energy, charisma, and acumen make an incredible combination. When he spoke to our group, there was an abundance of nodding heads and lively audience interaction. I’d go to his seminars any day!"
-- Mikeala Rios, Chair: Women In Business

"You're a young Wayne Dyer!"
-- Joey Reynolds, WOR Radio, New York"

"You were terrific! I was so excited by your presentation.... I want to reach out, grab some people, shake them and tell them how important and exciting this was! THANK YOU!!!!"
-- Geoff Lamdin, President of the Association for Consulting Expertise

Books By Jim Bouchard:

Dynamic Components of Personal Power


Jim Bouchard

Areas of Expertise:

Business Coaching
Small Business

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