"I had been struggling to find a way to balance my personal life and work, and thought I had already considered every possible way - without success. Krissy understood my situation immediately and quickly managed to help me to get a clear overview of the risks I am facing (which I only felt but was unable to identify) as well as showed me practical ways to achieve my goals. I think she is a great coach, and I would love to work with her further, to make sure I keep on track and really achieve what I want!"
-- Myriam Callegarin - Business Owner Italy

"Krissy is helping me to move my career forward at a much faster speed - a speed I had never thought to be possible."
-- Christine Roberts - Germany"

"Krissy helped me in many ways. She gave me back what I think I'd lost; my energy, my hope and my joy. She is a gift for people who need new direction or who need to be put back on track."
-- Angela Wilson - England

"My partner and I chose Krissy Jackson as one of the team leaders in our 90 Day Product Factory program because of her high-level leadership talent and skills. Krissy immediately took to the job with her great humor, enthusiasm and love of people. In the Product Factory students are asked to learn in action, and Krissy led her team to accomplish more than they ever thought possible. Furthermore, Krissy continuously amazes us by over-delivering. Boy, if I only had a nickel for each time Krissy went beyond the call of duty! I know she can make a significant difference in your life if you work with her."
-- Michael Port - 90 Day Product Factory

"All you have to do is listen to Krissy's voice and you'll instantly smile and want to be a better person. If she's doing it, go get it!"
-- Mark Joyner - Best Selling Author

"Krissy's warmth and generosity shines through in everything she does. If you are an on-line business owner you owe it to yourself to be in Krissy's community."
-- Joe Vitale - #1 Best-Selling Author of


Krissy Jackson

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Business Coaching

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