"Thanks, Danita, for helping us achieve these results: (1.) revenue doubling in the past two years, (2.) average project revenue jumped by nearly 50%, and (3.) qualification criteria have boosted closed sales by 47%."
-- Bill Doty, President, NACS

"Because of the insights from Danita, net profit is up in the Label Group due to higher margin and higher value account relationships. The POS group drove highly profitable 14 percent top-line growth, exceeding even their stretch goal. With more than 50 percent fewer salespeople than the previous years, the company makes better use of all of its resources. Thanks, Danita!" r."
-- David Dillon, President, Meyers"

"In working with Sales Growth Specialists, we accomplished the following: (1.) 8% new business growth despite in industry recession, (2.) average sales cycled reduced by 50%, and (3.) new hires reach benchmark performance 30% faster."
-- Hank Malone, VP of Sales-Western Hemisphere, FLINT Companies

“We've more than doubled sales through implementing Sales Growth Specialists' sales and sales management processes. The No-Excuse Sales Culture philosophy of accountability was essential in overcoming a huge hurdle—relying on excuses for not meeting objectives.”
-- Jack Schuster, President, EPCO

"Thanks, Danita, for installing sales and sales management processes that yielded these results: (1.) service revenues grow 30%, (2.) close rates improve by 25%, and (3.) hardware margins grow 40%."
-- Ron Meinhardt, President, BLM Technologies, Inc

"We would not have had a successful year without Danita's involvement. Through the sales and sales management systems and processes she implemented, we shortened sales cycle by 30%, improved close rate by more than 40%, and exceeded annual revenue targets by 10%."
-- Tom Lee, GM, MMIC Technology Solutions

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Danita Bye

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