I appreciated the Ethical Persuasion approach and the documented research presented in the Leadership Strategies Program. This gives me insight into how to communicate and persuade an individual or group. Definitely any mid and upper management person could benefit!
-- Scott Handy, CEO Cass County Electric Coop

We were looking for something to challenge us and give us an edge in introducing our new Sunbutter products. Harlan's program gave us more than we expected. We now not only look at our selling process differently but our marketing as well.
-- Dan Hofland, VP Red River Commodities"

Being made aware of how powerful the questioning methods can be.Harlan has a broad base of reference when it comes to sales which helps him to make things relative to our situation.
-- Jan Blake, Account Rep United Sugars

The concepts and ideas attained during this training continues to be invaluable. Such tools as the Mastering of Questions and obtaining a clear picture of our customer's real needs have enabled StrataCom to build profound relationships with our current customers and future customers.The entire StrataCom team highly recommends this program to any company considering a fresh approach to their sales process. The interaction, samples and coaching made the new ideas come to life for us!
-- Steve Jones, President

Gaining the ability to answer objections from customers. This training helped me to save time, improve productivity and increase sales.
-- Steve Gease, Sales, Stenerson Lumber

Wow! What a program. The Leadership Strategies caused me to look at some of my own beliefs and realize they were holding me back. The Questioning skills were one of these areas where I overcame personal barriers. Now I have different coping skills to deal with situations and get a very different view. My frustration level is way down now that I can find out how others see the situation differently than I do. I can now lead others to solve their own problems instead of “Cindy fix it!” The understanding of how powerful personal beliefs are is awesome! This is a must do for any small business owner!
-- Cindy Cole-Softing, President, Altel Telecom

Books By Harlan Goerger:

The Selling Gap www.TheSellingGap.com

Quick Start Sales 101

Account Development & Penetration


Harlan Goerger

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