"I have rarely been truly blown-away by a speaker. Sam Richter's presentation featured some of the most eye-opening, mind-blowing, information and techniques I have ever experienced in a high-content keynote. I couldn't take notes fast enough! As they say: "You don't know what you don't know." Trust me. What Sam knows, you don't know. Hire him to speak for your conference! You'll be a hero." David Avrin CEO Avrin Public Relations Group
-- David Avrin

"Sam and I presented together at a conference for professionals. I was supposed to be the headliner but Sam stole the show. I found myself getting my notepad out and jotting down all the content that Sam shares with his audience. Sam is the most knowledgeable person I know in helping sales reps prepare for sales meetings to close more deals. He is a non-stop energy and non-stop content type of presenter." Walter Bond, NSA, CSP Speaker of the Year Former NBA Star
-- Walter Bond"

"Sam is a pioneer in the emerging best practice of sales intelligence. In the process of sharing how to make the best use of the internet, he brings wit and insight that results in a thoroughly entertaining experience for all who attend his workshop." Mark Morris CEO My-Pipeline, Inc.
-- Mark Morris

"Want a speaker, consultant or coach who will make a difference in the growth of your business? Call Sam! I'd put Sam in the top ten, worldwide, of people who "get" how to create genuinely value-based business relationships. His incredibly rich background and quick wit make him one of the finest business advisors I know."Betsy BuckleyFounder, CEOWhat Matters LLC
-- Betsy Buckley

"Your presentation was thoroughly engaging and involved and held the attention of everyone in the room. The most telling indication of your success was in the number of references made over the next three days of the meeting. You received universally great comments including a review of “priceless.”Margaret J. HartDirectorHubbard-Hall
-- Margaret J. Hart

"On a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest, you rated a 5.1! (No, my arithmetic is correct, someone rated you a 6.) That is the highest rating ever—and over the years and over the years we've had dozens of top-notch speakers! The information you shared was so powerful and practical… your applications to sales and business development was right on target."Marcia FinkVice PresidentSt. Paul Chamber of Commerce
-- Marcia Fink

Books By Sam Richter:

Take the Cold out of Cold Calling - http://www.takethecold.com


Sam Richter

Areas of Expertise:

Small Business

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