“Peter Nicholls has proven himself to be one of those extremely rare individuals who work with amazing passion and dedication in the field of helping people to achieve some Work/Life balance. Peter has the knack of being able to get clients to firstly identify that they have a real need to look at this critically important part of their lives; and the knowledge and experience to provide the appropriate tools which will lead to that life-changing balance most of us hope for, but don't quite know where to find it!”
-- Phil Evans

“Peter is a very genuine man, who's truly interested in helping people regain control of their lives and who they authentically are. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience but I find his integrity, patience and listening skills a delight to be around in this hectic world.”
-- Joanna Outhwaite"

“Peter is an Australian pioneer in the now overcrowded work life balance industry, yet despite the rising competition he has stayed true to his beliefs and offers a personalised service that is about results over profits. I admire Peter's genuine love and interest in his clients and his ability to adopt new technology wherever necessary to get his message across. Without hesitation I recommend Peter's unique approach to realising any individual's true potential.”
-- Keith Loud

“Peter is a passionate presenter and has immense wisdom to share in his trainings. His listening skills and his ability to be non-judgmental about client's lifestyles issues has created a conducive environment to share, relax and learn The work Peter is skilled in is very relevant in these times of constant stress and rapid changes. I highly recommend him to your business.”
-- Catherine Lonergan

Books By Peter Nicholls:

Enjoy Being You

How to Create Your Second Adulthood


Peter Nicholls

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