"I've spoken on the same stage with Andy Miller in engagements all over the world. Not only is he a superb trainer, but his instinct in how to help organizations structure themselves for peak performance are second to none. In all my work with over 60 of the Fortune 500, I've never met an executive as skilled and methodical as Andy Miller."
-- Chet Holmes, Strategist to the Fourtune 500

"As the cofounder of OneCoach, New York Times best selling author and featured in the movie “The Secret” I have had a chance to work with hundreds of business growth experts. Of them all Andy Miller knows more about sales management and building high performance sales teams then anyone I have ever met."
-- John Assaraf, Coach, Author and CEO"

"Andy Miller is one of the top consultative sales trainers I have met. I know and have worked with 10 of the top 15 sales trainers in the world. He has to possess the skill, ability, low-keyed, underrated, disarmingly powerful talent and expertise to rank him in the top if he only pursued public speaking."
-- Jay Abraham, America’s Number One Marketing Strategist

"I hired Andy to consult with us for solutions to what he determined to be a prolonged sales cycle and a low close rate. After spending a couple of hours on the phone, he gave us great suggestions on what we should do. I am happy to report that since we have implemented his ideas our close rate has quadrupled."
-- James G. Marx, M.D., CEO

"In the last two months, sales are up over 100% just from the pointers you gave us."
-- Lance Allen, CEO

"Utilizing Andy's strategies, we were able double the size of our company in 8 months bringing in $30,000,000 of additional revenue!”
-- Steve Jackson, CEO


Andy Miller

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Business Coaching

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