I facilitated an exercise about elevator speeches (how to answer the question "what do you do") with my colleagues in the DHS - Public Health -Women's & Reproductive Health Section, and it was one of the best exercises we've done so far as a group (they can be a tough crowd). I have highly recommended that they keep your presentation as part of the Academy.
-- Emilee I. Coulter-Thompson, MSW, State of Oregon

“As an accomplished marketer, I knew the power of getting my message right. However, until I worked with Lorraine on my Elevator Speech, I was confusing my audience about what value I offered. After spending one morning with her I saw an immediate response to my message and a dramatic increase in qualified referrals.”
-- Harry Thomas, Marketing Hat, Marketing Consultant, Seattle"

“I met Lorraine through the association of Women Business Owners. With her help, my media and presentation skills have grown tremendously, and I’ve crafted a compelling elevator speech that has served me well. As an author, my tendency is to give people too much information, yet Lorraine has helped me get to the heart of the matter in every form of communication."
-- Mikelann Valterra, Founder, Women's Earning Institute

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Lorraine Howell

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