"Treat Others The Way They Want to be Treated." Working with Ron, I have become a better leader, entrepreneur, and person. Training others is easier, profits are increasing, and I sleep in peace at night.
-- Dave Young

“I want to thank Ron for his Nine Principles and the profound effect they have on my life. He has taught me first to discover my purpose and then to direct all my activities around fulfilling that purpose. Now I can say “No” with confidence and find satisfaction in a focused existence.”
-- Charity Beall"

I live my life by these nine principles. I had Ron create a poster of these principles that I hang on my office wall so I do not forget them.
-- Litsa Voulgaris

I got one hour a day back using Ron's Nine Principles.
-- D.A. Stauffer

I have totally changed how I think aboutmy business and my life
-- Maureen Gechter

Books By Ron Finklestein:

49 Marketing Secrets (THAT WORK) to Grow Sales

The Platinum Rule for Small Business Mastery

Celebrating Success! 14 Ways to Create a Successful Company

Nine Principles for Inspired Action: A New & Targeted Perspective


Ron Finklestein

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Business Coaching
Small Business

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