"Bea Fields is a masterful teleclass leader and trainer. She brings immerse value to each call with her engaging, interactive and direct style. If you are looking to work with an experienced teleclass leader with strong leadership and coaching skills and the ability to achieve results, I highly recommend working with Bea".
-- Mitch Meyerson, President of Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Author of Five HIghly Sought After Marketing Books Including

"Bea Fields' work should be devoured by anyone who coaches, consults, trains and speaks. Hear me now: her work is of the utmost importance to you. No one has defined the teleclass leader's job better than Bea. No one has created an environment for developing your skills as a teleclass leader better than Bea. No one knows how to make money and build your practice using teleclasses better than Bea. So much of the teleclass leading we see these days is, in my opinion, a big mess of glop. These teleclass leaders are not really leading they are just indicating a sense of value and trying to sell you something. And as Bea shows us, the future belongs to the five star leader."
-- Michael Port, Author of Book Yourself Solid and The Contraian Effect"

”BNI was privileged to hear Bea Fields, Leadership Coach and Author, speak to The 2008 Sandhills International Business Networking Conference. Bea is a truly remarkable and gifted communicator who possesses a strong stage presence and the ability to capture and keep the attention of a diverse audience. In a short time, Bea delivered an information rich speech, providing a broad overview of the focus of one of her books, Millennial Leaders. Bea clearly demonstrated that she is knowledgeable and a consummate professional, who thinks quickly on her feet, while delivering eloquent, fact filled and entertaining presentations”.
-- Wayne Gomillion, BNI Assistant Area Director of the Sandhills

”Undoubtedly the most energizing session at the 2007 ICF annual coaches’ conference was the one led by Bea Fields, one of the authors of Millennial Leaders: Success Stories from Today’s Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders, a new book that introduces us to some truly inspiring young people who are already accomplishing great things at quite a tender age. Bea brought along a couple of these young leaders to give us their own take on Gen Y, and they held a large audience of (mostly) aging Boomers in rapt attention”.
-- Beth Bloomfield, President of Bloomfield Associates

"I enthusiastically recommend Bea Fields, President of Five Star Leader and Bea Fields Companies for anyone who is interested in corporate level coaching and training. Bea has led workshops for Capel, Incorporated over three years. Her speaking style is professional and down-to-earth. I have been impressed at how well Bea adapts to the group she is leading, changing to suit the group's personality, whether it is a top management group or mid-level managers. As Bea covers a lot of interesting material, she keeps the pace moving and keeps everyone focused.One of our management teams has enjoyed having Bea at their annual meeting. Capel's Service to Customer's Improvement Team (SCIT) has learned much from three years of Bea's workshops. As Chairman, I feel the seminars build on each other and have helped each of the members be better department managers and future leaders. Bea is able to encourage group communication to help us identify and solve internal issues. The workshops are very educational but also fun."
-- Mary Clara Capel, Director of Administration, Capel, Inc.

"After trudging through numerous books of happy-talk bilge, Bea Fields' book EDGE is an arctic blast of white-hot inspiration. Fields and company confront the fears of today's leaders while blazing a trail to illustrate, educate, enlighten and inspire. We've always known Bea Fields was a bad-ass - now the rest of the world gets to benefit from her powerful work. Look for 'leadership fiction' to be a whole new genre!"
-- Andy Wibbels, Best Selling Author of Blogwild! A Guide for Small Business Blogging

Books By Bea Fields:

EDGE! A Leadership Story

Millennial Leaders: Success Stories From Today's Most Brilliant Generation Y Leaders

Contributor: Guerrilla Marketing on the Front Lines


Bea Fields

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