Raves for Stop Speaking for Free!

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Analyzing the Attendee-Funded Webinar Opportunity:
Why For-Fee Virtual Events Belong In Your Product Portfolio
Chapter 2: Straddling the Fine Line Between Free and For-Fee:
Develop a Webinar Prospects Will Gladly Pay to Attend
Chapter 3: Understanding the Webinar Buying Process:
How Prospects Evaluate Virtual Training Courses … And Who Ultimately Buys Them
Chapter 4: Designing the Scope of Your Webinar:
Create the Framework for Your Virtual Event with 8 Key Questions
Chapter 5: Constructing Your Webinar Description:
Write the Copy That Drives Registrations for Your Virtual Event
Chapter 6: Developing Your Webinar Marketing Plan:
Implement Creative Strategies to Reach Prospective Registrants at the Right Time
Chapter 7: Using LinkedIn® to Generate Webinar Registrations:
Leverage the Power of Social Media and Networking to Expand Your Marketing Reach
Chapter 8: Getting Media Attention for Your Virtual Training Events:
Promote Your Attendee-Funded Webinars for Pennies - written by PR expert, Dan Janal
Chapter 9: Selecting a Webinar Back-Office Company:
Perform Due Diligence on Webinar Providers to Pick the Right One
Chapter 10: Creating an Effective Webinar Presentation:
Design PowerPoint Presentations That Grab and Hold the Attention of Your Virtual Attendees - written by Presentation Design expert, Sue Stoen