Raves for Stop Speaking for Free!

"Stop Speaking for Free! teaches you everything you need to know to succeed with attendee-funded webinars. I’ve used these principles myself … and they work!"
Patricia Fripp, Past National Speakers Association President and author of "Get What You Want! and Make It, So You Don’t Have to Fake It!"

“I saw an opportunity to reach new audiences using webinars, but I refused to give my expertise away for free. Stop Speaking for Free! helped me create a brand-new (and quite lucrative) revenue stream. You can do it too … this book is a must-have for every speaker, consultant, and trainer!”
Sam Richter, author of the award-winning book "Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling"

"I wouldn’t think of doing a webinar without the advice and guidance in Stop Speaking for Free! by Lee Salz. He knows it all."
Anne Miller, author of "Metaphorically Selling"

"Lee Salz, the King of Webinar Success, has written a book no one else could write. His webinar firm has made it possible for many of us to amplify our fame as business experts and deliver our expertise in a convenient, effective format. No one knows more about this topic than Lee, nor has better demonstrated its tenets in real life."
Ken Lizotte, author of "The Expert’s Edge"

"Lee Salz has taken the most pragmatic approach to webinars that I have seen in the web conferencing industry. He doesn’t just talk about abstract tips and best practices, he demands that webinars serve a revenue-generating business need, and he helps companies meet that goal. Lee’s creation of online infrastructure, documentation, and support services for business webinars is unique. Anybody looking to make money from webinars should take heed of his advice."
Ken Molay, President of Webinar Success

"I spend a great deal of time on the road with my Blitz Experience training business. Attendee-funded webinars offer a terrific supplemental income stream for my business whether I’m in the office or traveling. The teachings in Stop Speaking for Free! help you understand what it takes to succeed when using webinars to generate income. A must-read for any business speaker, trainer, or consultant."
Andrea Sittig-Rolf, author of "Power Referrals"

"Stop Speaking for Free! provides great practical advice on effective techniques for planning, marketing, and delivering attendee-funded virtual training programs. From personal experience, I’ve learned these ideas really work - every speaker, author, trainer, and consultant will learn to increase revenue and drive new business."
Gary Gack, author of "Managing the Black Hole" and owner of Process-Fusion.net

"I had the expertise in my subject matter, but this book helped me take that expertise and produce attendee-funded webinars easily and cheaply for my clients. The tips given are concret, simple - and bottom-line, they work!"
Susan Hoekstra, author of "The Service Journey" and customer service expert

"If you are a speaker, trainer or consultant, Stop Speaking for Free! is for you! Webinars are one of the strongest ways to reach an audience, demonstrate your expertise and drive new business. Lee Salz has helped more people build a webinar business than anyone else on the planet."
Andy Miller, sales strategist to fast growth CEOs

"Lee Salz knows his stuff! From A to Z, Lee shares his expertise and knowledge on everything to help you conduct a successful attendee-funded webinar. Areas such as: selecting the most saleable content, designing the presentation, and using LinkedIn to promote your webinar are just some of the highlights of this book. This is the place to start if you are even thinking about delivering your own attendee-funded webinar."
Teri Yanovitch, President of T.A. Yanovitch Inc.

"The high cost of travel, the threats of terrorism and the concern about disease have all put a damper on corporations’ appetite for traveling freely. The days of hopping on an airplane to attend a seminar are quickly coming to an end. Business people are demanding training that is timely, relevant and accessible. The secrets found in Stop Speaking for Free! eliminate years of trial and error. This book is a must-have addition to any business library."
Barry Siskind, author of "Powerful Exhibit Marketing" and "Selling From the Inside Out"

"Lee Salz has mastered the art of the ’win-win webinar.’ He has developed a systematic approach that brings value to both the participant and the speaker. He makes it look easy, but there’s a true science behind his methods. This book will equip you with the skills to create a powerful and profitable program without having to reinvent the webinar wheel."
Sandra Sellani, author of "What’s Your BQ (Brand Quotient)" and brand consultant

"Being an expert is one thing, but making money at it is a very different skill altogether. Lee Salz is the best at helping the ’every day expert’ learn how to brand their expertise and harvest the money that’s out there using webinars. Lee is the one I go to for the right advice, and I highly recommend Stop Speaking for Free!"
Bill Guertin, author of "Reality Sells" and "The 800 Pound Gorilla of Sales"

"Nobody knows promoting business with webinars like Lee Salz, and his new book, Stop Speaking for Free!, should be on every entrepreneur’s bookshelf. While this unique guide is packed with insider information on successful webinar marketing, the chapter entitled "Getting Media Attention for Your Virtual Training Events - Promote Your Attendee-Funded Webinars for Pennies" is alone worth the price of admission."
Danita Bye, CEO and founder of Sales Growth Specialists

"Lee Salz is the master of the attendee-funded webinar." His skills and knowledge combined with his innate marketing ability have made him a valuable resource for speakers and audiences alike."
Peg Jackson, author of "Reputational Risk Management" and "Sarbanes-Oxley for Small Business" and Principal of Adjunct LLC

"I have implemented several of Lee’s strategies to drive attendance to my attendee-funded webinars and found all of them to be beneficial. Webinars are a measurable (and cost-efficient) learning tool for business people to acquire the skills they need to succeed."
Janet Boulet, Center Consulting Group

"Having multiple streams of income and leads is always worthwhile. Stop Speaking for Free! provides the ’how’ that when applied will simply, effectively and consistently make money - as much or as little as you desire."
Dr. Richard Norris MBA, Head of Global Development, Lifestyle Architecture

"Working with Lee’s company, Business Expert Webinars, has been an eye opener. One could think that delivering a profitable webinar is simple and anyone can do it effectively; in reality; it takes special understanding and talent to pull off an effective, well-attended webinar. Lee has gone down all the roads to find out what works and what wastes your time. Before you spend a great deal of your time, effort, and frustration, take in the depth of input and insight provided in Stop Speaking for Free! It will save you time, dollars, and get you on the right track to successful webinars that provide you a return."
Harlan Goerger, author of "The Selling Gap: Selling Strategies for the 21st Century" and President, H. Goerger & Associates

"In working with Lee Salz and his team, I have learned in one resource how to take my webinars and presentations in general to the next level. The resources they provided in the area of attendee-funded webinar marketing to drive registration were especially helpful. My new skills have enabled me to create new ways to help my clients. As a business owner, that is invaluable."
Colette M. Releford, President, Strive Business Solutions

"If you are ready to grow your training and consulting business by offering attendee-funded webinars, then read and re-read this brilliant book by my friend Lee Salz. It is a brilliant step-by-step guide to filling your valuable events with paid enrollments."
Dianne Crampton, author of "TIGERS Among Us" and "Team WaHOO"

"Webinars can provide an excellent format for educational content about your products and services. You can also generate a significant revenue stream from them. Stop Speaking for Free! contains all the information you will ever need to produce successful webinars. A must read for anyone considering offering attendee-funded webinars.
Garrett Colbert, Director of Sales, ConferTel

"Lee knows how to put together a webinar product people pay to attend to consistently play at the top of their game."
Raj Gavurla, author of Winning at Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial speaker

"Offering attendee-funded webinars is a great way to grow your consulting practice. It gives you a method to introduce your skill in a way that doesn’t just ’hard’ sell but provides true value to the attendees. Stop Speaking for Free! sets out a simple, proven strategy to help you establish your attendee-funded webinar model. It’s the roadmap for anyone looking for high-value way to reach prospects."
Sarah Day, small business growth strategist

"Attendee-funded webinars open up a whole new revenue stream to you without leaving your office. Using content already created for in-person seminars, you can quickly create and deliver webinars that appeal to specific audiences anywhere in the world. Webinars expand your reach, expand your brand, and establish you as an expert in your field."
Kirk Wilkinson, author of "The Happiness Factor," speaker, and coach

"Lee Salz is way ahead of the curve when it comes to attendee-funded webinars. His formula for webinar success is unbeatable! He knows how to blend excellent content from qualified experts with targeted promotions that drives attendance."
Lorraine Howell, author of "Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!"

"Lee Salz has rapidly become the go-to resource in the area of attendee-funded webinars. Lee’s expertise is indispensible and second to none. Stop Speaking for Free! walks you through the exact steps and teaches you how to monetize your expertise."
Scott Barclay, President of Learning LLC

"If you intend to take your webinar revenue stream to the next level, this is your book. No smoke - just straight talk about what really works."
Terry Slattery, Slattery Sales

"Lee Salz and his team at Business Expert Webinars provide in-depth training on how to develop quality webinar presentations. The team developed its knowledge through hands-on experience in the webinar business. This book will short-cut your learning curve."
Denise Harrison, Vice President of the Center for Simplified Strategic Planning

"Stop Speaking for Free! is so rich in content that you can’t help but succeed at producing and delivering attendee-webinars! Not a detail is missing- you’ll go deeper into the webinar reservoir than you ever thought possible."
Patty Creamer, CPO, Certified Professional Organizer

"Lee is a thought leader in the development of educational webinars. Lee’s ability to focus on the big picture, listen, and ask thoughtful questions provides great confidence for speakers. Stop Speaking for Free! delivers a practical, straightforward process that positions speakers for success."
Hillary Feder, President of Ask Hillarys

"A diversified income stream for speakers is a necessity that helps overcome a slowdown in speaking engagements. The extra income stream, not only brings in money, but also provides a platform to demonstrate your expertise to a world-wide audience without ever leaving your office chair. Stop Speaking for Free! provides a detailed ’how to’ for anyone who wants to enter the attendee-funded webinar space. Don’t leave money on the table."
Billy Arcement, ME.d, The Leadership Strategist

"One of the greatest assets for any business is having a support structure to help push your business success. The information in Stop Speaking for Free! is your immediate support team. The available resources not only tell you, but also illustrate for you, the necessary techniques to help you build income with attendee-funded webinars - the new genre in training and development. The information is practical, motivational, and actionable. Read this now!"
Drew Stevens, Ph.D, President of Drew Stevens Consulting

"Lee Salz is the mastermind behind Business Expert Webinars... Stop Speaking for Free! is great resource for the beginner or the advanced presenter." 
Harvey Mackay, best-selling author of "Swim With The Sharks..." and "Use Your Head To Get Your Foot In The Door"