For years, you've had a great business book in your head…maybe even on paper. Yet, it’s still not in the marketplace. Published business authors are in greater demand, have more credibility, and earn more income than non-published ones. The time has come to stop keeping your book a secret kept from the business world.

You've got options, sort of... You could attempt to go the traditional route of sending countless proposals to major book publishers hoping to land a contract. With the downturn economy, these publishers are not adding new authors unless you are a celebrity. Even if you are lucky enough to get a contract, the financial reward is about enough for a cup of coffee. And, their entire marketing strategy will be to issue a press release announcing the book…that's it.

You could self-publish your book which means you will have to hire an editor and a cover designer...and that's just the beginning of the costs. Plus, writing the manuscript is one thing, positioning the book for your target market is another. You also run the risk of losing credibility in the market by publishing the work yourself. Not to mention that there are secrets to successfully publishing a book that you will never know when you pursue this route. After all, one of the goals of publishing your book is driving visibility to you and your expertise.

Business Expert Publishing, a Business Expert Webinars group, offers a revolutionary model for getting your business book published and promoted. We roll-up our sleeves and work closely with you to ensure that your book is the masterpiece you envisioned, well-positioned for your target audience, and is aggressively promoted.

Since the founders of Business Expert Publishers are both published authors themselves, they know the angst and excitement that you are feeling… Working with us, you'll find that there are no hidden fees…no gotchas…just a solid team that delivers upon the promises that they make.

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