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Economical, Efficient, Effective Virtual Business Training
For You and Your Employees
As a strategy to restore profitability, you reduced staff and cut the training budget. The concept of doing more with less only works if your employees are highly-skilled. How do you enhance their skills without further compounding profitability issues? The Business Expert Webinars Virtual Training Voucher Program is your solution!
How it works... By purchasing training vouchers, you save up to 35% on the course registration fee. And, you can use them for any BEW courses. Don't watch them alone! Put the presentation on the big screen in the conference room and have a group experience the training together. That's just a few dollars per participant for an hour of focused, skill-based training. What could be a more beneficial investment in your most valued resource…your people!
Improve Productivity... The BEW virtual training courses are designed to improve business skills economically, efficiently and effectively. And, there is content for everyone in the business setting. From marketing, to sales, to customer service, to management; we have the virtual training programs that improve employee performance. These aren't the infomercial webinars that lead you to believe you are going to learn something and all you hear is a product pitch. Our courses are focused education sessions delivered by industry experts who delve deep into the subject matter with absolutely no marketing of their services.
Select a package below... When you complete your purchase, you will immediately receive access to the program. Give one voucher to the employee of the month, another to the customer service team, one for sales…and you will find content for yourself as well. For each ondemand course, you have a 30-day viewing period.

Virtual Business Training Vouchers

Number of
Virtual Training Vouchers
 Savings  Total
    5 20%
   10 25%
   25 30%
   50 35%