Tap into the Virtual Training Market by Adding
Attendee-Funded Webinars to Your Product Mix

Although the economy is struggling, the virtual training market is booming. As an expert, you have a tremendous opportunity to monetize your expertise by offering attendee-funded webinars, events for which registrants pay to attend. If you’re tired of offering free events that compensate you with exposure only … and you’re ready to deliver training programs without the headache of travel, it’s time for you to incorporate attendee-funded webinars into your training mix.

Our consultants can help you navigate this complex and unique marketplace. During tightly focused, results-oriented consulting sessions, our team will answer your questions and help you map out the necessary strategies to turn attendee-funded webinars into a profitable venture. Select the practice area(s) below that best meet your needs – or sign up for all 3 sessions and save 20%.

What our clients say...

Practice Area
Webinar Positioning Strategy
Lee B. Salz is the founder and CEO of Business Expert Webinars, the leading provider of attendee-funded webinar training programs. He has helped hundreds of coaches, speakers, consultants, and trainers to successfully add attendee-funded webinars to their product portfolio. As a fellow author and presenter, he understands the challenges of this group and speaks your language. He is also the author of the soon-to-be released book “Stop Speaking for Free! The Ultimate Guide to Making Money With Webinars” where he presents the secrets to driving registrants in attendee-funded webinars.

In this one-hour consultation, he helps you formulate the right global strategy to launch your attendee-funded, eLearning program including:
  • Distinguishing the difference between free and for-fee webinars and the pitfalls to avoid
  • Evaluating your area of expertise to identify the most saleable webinar topics today
  • Navigating through the biggest disconnect between experts and their target audience
  • Designing an audience segmentation strategy for your webinars
  • Search engine considerations when designing your webinar program
  • Choosing the right title for your webinar … and the mistakes most speakers and authors make
  • Understanding the three key ideas that must be communicated in your webinar description to drive registrations
  • Identifying the lessons that should be covered in your webinar to ensure participants gain value
  • Developing a testimonial strategy that shows your expertise
  • Editing your bio to effectively convince target buyers that you are a qualified webinar presenter
  • Leveraging social media to raise visibility and drive traffic to your webinars

Included with this service is the Webinar Creator™ worksheet to help you design your attendee-funded webinars.
Practice Area
Webinar Presentation
Susan Stoen is BEW’s presentation guru. She is also the founder of CQ Communications: The Clarity Quotient, a business communications firm keenly focused on helping businesses create compelling business stories, well told. Susan has been helping presenters for more than 20 years prepare for and successfully deliver winning presentations. Her background in both the communications and design fields makes her uniquely positioned to coach clients to tell stories that are both visually and verbally effective. She has designed hundreds of PowerPoint presentations that help presenters tell their stories without subjecting the audience to “Death by Bullet Point.” Now, with the introduction of webinar technology, using effective PowerPoint is even more important, since the opportunity to connect face-to-face with an audience isn’t available.

In a one-hour consultation, she'll share specific feedback on your PowerPoint presentation (which is submitted to her prior to the consulting session). Be prepared to discuss ways you can elevate and refine your slides. Topics covered can include:

  • Effective and appropriate template design
  • Why your presentation must be visual – and what’s considered visual
  • Ideas for alternatives to text-heavy bullet-point slides
  • Easy and inexpensive resources for great images
  • Common (novice) mistakes to avoid
  • Ideas for keeping the audience on track
  • How to correct the specific issues on your slides
  • Some of the visual challenges of webinar presenting
  • Feedback is customized to your version of PowerPoint (2003 or 2007)

Practice Area
Webinar PR
The Los Angeles Times called Dan, “an Internet Marketing expert.” Dan Janal is Founder and President of PR LEADS, which has helped more than 4,000 small business and entrepreneurs get publicity in major media to boost their sales and their careers. He is the author of six books on Internet Marketing for John Wiley & Sons. He has expanded the brand to include article marketing services and ebooks at Start Writing Articles Faster, as well as media list services at Bulls Eye Publicity.

During this 60-minute “Webinar Publicity to Profits” consultation, you will learn how to:

  • Gain visibility for your webinars by writing effective press releases for bloggers
  • Pitch your webinars to prominent opinion leaders so they tell their followers about your events
  • Distribute press releases so you are guaranteed pickup by Google
  • Use secret search engine optimization (SEO) tactics on your press releases to build sales for your webinars
  • Use social media to position you as an authority in your industry so you get more webinar sales
  • How to use social media so it doesn´t take over your life.

As an added bonus, you will receive template for writing a press release to promote you as an expert. Plus, Dan will review your press release.

Practice Area
Webinar Delivery
Ken Molay is president of Webinar Success, a consulting and services company that assists clients in all phases of web seminar preparation, delivery, and follow-up. In more than 25 years of professional experience, Ken has presented public sessions at numerous industry conferences as well as presenting information to customers, sales prospects, industry analysts, and the press. He has produced and delivered business webinars since 1999. Ken's background in public speaking, stage acting, and corporate training has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to create and deliver compelling and effective presentations. Ken is a prolific blogger on the subject of web conferencing and its applications and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and industry publications.

In this one-hour consultation, Ken helps you gain awareness of your personal vocal presentation style and offers individualized tips and practice exercises to make you a more powerful speaker on remote presentations. Together, we will look for:

  • "Filler" words and sounds that take away from the strength of your message
  • Repetitious words at the beginning and end of your sentences
  • Ways to vary your pitch and speed to refocus your audience's attention
  • How to incorporate humor into your presentation
  • Ideas for scripting and improvisation in your speech
  • "Power words" that capture audience attention
  • Effective ways to respond to audience questions

To utilize your time even more effectively, you can submit a recording of a past presentation ahead of time and Ken will review it before your session. As a special bonus, you will receive a speaker evaluation form that you can use to let friends and colleagues offer constructive, structured feedback on your next presentation.

Practice Area
Search Engine Optimization

Ed Taylor - has been helping businesses and organizations increase the number of sales, leads and opt-ins produced by their websites since 1995. He specializes in building quality traffic through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He conducts ongoing SEO research and currently manages over 37,000 top search engine rankings for his clients. Taylor is the author of "Proven Strategies to Increase Sales, Leads & Opt-ins" and is sought after public speaker who has delivered over 1,100 presentations on Internet marketing since 1995.
During this one-hour consultation you will learn how to:

  • Conduct search term research to make sure your webinar gets found on relevant terms that your target customers are actually searching on.
  • Evaluate the SEO compatibility of the website where your webinar registration page resides
  • Minimize "code bloat" (which can impede search engine spiders) in the website used to market your webinar
  • Implement SEO in your webinar marketing site including:
    • How to optimize Title tags for your webinars
    • How to optimize your webinar Heading tags
    • How to use proper Search Term Density in your webinar descriptions
    • How to optimize internal links for your webinars

As an extra bonus with this consultation you will receive a 12 term "Search Engine Position Report" complete with your rankings and the rankings of 3 competitors.