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Ed Taylor
One of the country's most requested Internet marketing speakers with over 1,200 presentations under his belt. The author of "Proven Strategies to Increase Website Sales, Leads & Opt-ins."

"Easy to understand", "Fun," "Entertaining," these are not words typically used to describe a presentation about Internet marketing, but these are always among the first words attendees use to describe Ed Taylor's presentations.

Ahh, but don't judge too quickly. As the conversation deepens and moves past his jovial presence and whiskers, the adjectives change. Attendees start using words like insightful, enlightening, strategic, tactical and even the word brilliant is bantered about. From there, the conversation shifts to an eagerness to apply what has been learned to their own unique website or Internet marketing situation.

After more than 15 years, and over 1,200 presentations, Ed has learned the 3 essential elements of an outstanding Internet marketing presentation:
1. Make it fun.
2. Provide simple, proven, relevant strategies and tactics that audience members can easily understand and quickly apply.
3. Make it current to today’s fast changing marketplace.

Ed works with small business owners every day. He thoroughly understands every aspect of Internet marketing and is up to the minute with what is working and not working right now. He had his first $10,000 day marketing his company on the Internet in 1994. He founded Internet Marketing Group in 1995. He has worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries. Ed is currently responsible for more than 37,000 top search engine rankings for his Search Engine Optimization (SEO) clients world-wide and continues to work "hands on" with his clients daily.

With thousands of subscribers "opted-in" to his e-mail list, thousands more who "like" him on Facebook and LinkedIn, and even thousands more "following" him on Twitter, Ed understands e-mail and social media marketing, not just as a consultant, or speaker, but as a user.

“Thank you for the results. Everything you said is now coming true. We are ranking MUCH higher on all of our search words on all of the search engines. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for us. Even more important though is that fact that the changes that you made to our site is creating more sales. This is a HUGE accomplishment.”
Randi Hodges
Stonewise, Inc.

Ed's presentations are designed for small business owners, managers, franchisees, dealers, marketing managers and web team members. There is never anything technical, confusing or overwhelming.

The reason Ed has been a featured speaker for hundreds of organizations, associations, universities and even the US Marine Corps is simply this... He delivers the goods!

"As I watched our members during your presentation, it was obvious you were a hit. This group of speakers was hanging on your every word, taking copious notes and asking questions that indicated you had the answers they have been looking for. "
Patricia Wiklund Ph.D., Program Chair
National Speakers Association

Google- How To Obtain & Maintain Top "FREE" Rankings
Americans conduct over a 1/2 billion searches per day! Everyone's target customer is "Googling" to find anything and everything they are looking for. In this non-technical program attendees learn how to check their websites for SEO compliance. They also learn how to implement the same proven SEO tactics Ed uses to obtain and maintain over 37,000 top "organic" rankings for both his and his client's websites. (This always popular, non-technical, program is designed for small business owners and marketing managers.)

Proven Strategies to Increase Website Sales, Leads & Opt-in's
Getting quality visitors to a website is only 1/2 the challenge. The other 1/2 is getting those visitors to "convert" into a customer, a lead or an opt-in (a subscriber to an e-mail list). In this program attendees learn very specific tactics that have been proven to increase the "conversion ratio" of business websites. (This program can be geared specifically to e-commerce or lead generation sites.)

How to Check the "Marketing Elements" of Your Small Business Website
Many businesses are haunted by an unknowing, an uneasiness wondering whether or not their webmaster has properly integrated the "marketing elements" of their website. Has their site been properly optimized for the search engines? Have security icons and images been used in a way that will maximize conversions? Has the navigation structure been optimized for both SEO and usability? Attendees receive a 17 point checklist so they can check and improve the marketing elements of their websites. (This very popular program is always a real eye opener for attendees.)

Social Media - Minimum Investment, Maximum Return
With social media like Facebook, Linkedin and YouTube the largest investment for most small businesses is time, a commodity that is very precious. Attendees learn specific strategies, tactics and tools to save time and, at the same time, dramatically increase the effectiveness of their social media marketing efforts.

"I wanted to personally thank you for the two outstanding presentations you made to my CEO groups.... They were delighted to have someone finally make sense of how to use the Internet for marketing purposes... they rated you the 'best speaker of the year'."
Bill McCourt
The Executive Committee Chairman

"Congratulations on receiving one of the show's highest evaluation ratings… You were certainly successful at drawing your audience in, providing them with the business solutions they were looking for, and maintaining their undivided attention throughout your presentation."
Diane M. Stakoe
Conference Producer
Inc. Magazine

“Your session "Marketing on the Internet," was wonderful! You were rated 4.7 out of 5.”
Randy Beck
Director of Professional Development
National Association of Music Merchants

Ed Taylor has been a featured speaker for:
Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacture’s Association (BIFMA), California Cemetery Association, Commercial Law League Association (CLLA), Connected International Meeting Planners Association (CIMPA), Department of Technology Bremen, Germany, Direct Marketing Association, Farmers Insurance Group, Florida Aviation Trades Association, Harv Eker’s Guerilla Business School, Hazelden Foundation, Inc. Magazine, International Council of Shopping Centers, (ICSC) International Home and Housewares Show, Mail Order Gardeners Association, Museum Store Association, National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED), National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM), National Education Association, (NEA) National Speakers Association, Network of Entrepreneurial Women, Society of American Florists, Student Youth Travel Association, The Executive Committee (TEC) Now Vistage 193 presentations, The Learning Annex, UC Berkeley- Haas School of Business, University of San Diego, University of Southern Oregon, U S Marine Corps and YPO.